Today at Boing Boing Gadgets


Today on Boing Boing Gadgets we started things off by looking at a 1939 videophone, then slurped up our morning cup of joe while watching some live-action Bioshock. Joel then reviewed a pair of Radius Atomic Bass earbuds, discussed the quest for the perfect electric cigarette and asked for help in designing the ultimate Jet Age entertainment console. Meanwhile, Brownlee discovered hot glue punk, applauded an insane French hacker who had installed a floppy drive into his Game Boy, wondered about Moore's Law and taught our readers how to drink 24 ounces of beer in under two seconds… then teetered wildly and promptly collapsed; he spent the rest of the afternoon crying over the memories of ex-girlfriends who'd never really loved him. Finally, Beschizza contemplated the first successful lawsuit against Taser and posted a couple of huge giant spider robots. A good time was had by all.