(Probably not) doctored photo [from Getty runs] in Washington Post


Photoshop Disasters posted this photo from Washington Post. The guy on the left is both behind and in front of Tiger Woods. Neat trick. Link

UPDATE: Here's some background from, Chris Combs, photo editor at the Washington Post Express: "This is a Getty photo and I ran it verbatim. I don't have time for Photoshop. The one error to which our sports editor will likely admit is that it is credited to "Stuart Franklin/AP," whereas it is "Stuart Franklin/Getty Images" that took the photo. Here is the picture on Getty's site.

"You may also find it on editorial.gettyimages.com by searching for "Stuart Franklin" tiger mickelson. I can't say that Stuart Franklin didn't 'chop the image, but Express didn't touch it."

UPDATE: Stuart Franklin says: "I would like to clarify something. Several people have been writing to my web address which is stuartfranklin.com complaining about some fakery etc. Please do not confuse me – the current President of Magnum Photos – with a sports photographer of the same name who licenses his work through Getty (I believe). I have little interest in sport except cross country running and no interest in photographing sport. You will need to take up your issue via Getty or AP."