Google making a network neutrality detector

Back in 2006, I proposed that Google should build a network neutrality detector, a distributed toolbar that collected statistics from millions of nodes on the net to determine sneaky traffic-fiddling by sleazy ISPs who only make a best-effort attempt to give you the stuff you request if they've been bribed to do so.

Well, now they've done it! Or at least, they've announced it. The one thing I hope is that they give you the option to submit statistics anonymously, without forcing you to be logged into Google.

Google has been very vocal on its stance for net neutrality. Now, Richard Whitt–Senior Policy Director for Google–announces that Google will take an even more active role in the debate by arming consumers with the tools to determine first-hand if their broadband connections are being monkeyed with by their ISPs:

"We're trying to develop tools, software tools…that allow people to detect what's happening with their broadband connections, so they can let [ISPs] know that they're not happy with what they're getting — that they think certain services are being tampered with," Google senior policy director Richard Whitt said this morning during a panel discussion at Santa Clara University, an hour south of San Francisco.


(via /.)