Los Angeles Metrolink abolishes the Fourth Amendment, begins bogus "random bag searches"

Wil Wheaton sez,

Starting this month, the Los Angeles Metro Metrolink will be infected with some super-neat security theater: random bag searches will inconvenience the new crop of MTA riders who are turning to Metro to escape high gas prices.

The thing is, the searches will "randomly" target different stations, where signs will announce to everyone (except, presumably, illiterate terrorists) that they should go to a different station if they don't want to be searched.

Explain to me again how this makes us safer?

Update: Wil adds, "

I made a mistake in my post at Blogging.la. The security theater is not coming to the MTA, which is our subway; it's coming to the Metrolink, which is our commuter rail.

The idiocy of the thing still stands, but I regret my mistake and wanted to take responsibility for it as soon as it was pointed out to me."


(Thanks, Wil!)