Art students on the future of money

Matt "Warchalking" Jones's students from the RCA Design Interactions course on The Future of Money have posted their projects to a class site. There's some really fascinating little noodles on the future of valuta here — like Daisy Ginsberg's Early Exit, shown below:

Would you trade Alzheimer's for breast augmentation or a luxury cruise?

With an ageing population and an overextended NHS, you may find yourself alone, geriatric and diseased in your home, discovering new forms of "Care in the Community", ordering your food by rescanning barcodes on empty tins of spam and using a webcam to be diagnosed by your GP.

So why not choose a cash windfall and a shorter life? Post Credit Crunch, Genetic Credit has given us unprecedented purchasing power. Gamble on your risky future, and opt for Early Exit: you can eliminate the risk of inherited disease and receive a refund for all the expenses you would have run up.

Your life might be enhanced – but at what cost?


(Thanks, Matt!)