EMI adds CEO to its lawsuit against MP3Tunes

EMI has named Michael Robertson, the CEO of MP3Tunes, to its copyright suit against the company (MP3Tunes lets you rip your CDs and then facilitates transferring or streaming them to all your computers and devices). They've named a sum that will bankrupt Robertson, costing him his house, car, kids' college funds, etc. As Robertson says, this is clearly intended to intimidate execs and investors in companies that add value to digital music:

This week in a New York court attorneys for EMI made the argument about why I should be personally liable as CEO of MP3tunes. They are suing not only MP3tunes, but also me personally and are going after my home, cars and kids college funds in their suit. I'm fighting back because it's wrong to go after someone simply because they are the CEO and MP3tunes is not about piracy. We let people listen to their own music collection (not others). Unlike most others online, we are strict about not sharing music between Lockers. I'm not alone in having to personally face the attacks of music attorneys. Besides misguided suits against end users the labels are personally suing other CEOs in a calculated strategy to try and intimidate company executives and investors from doing digital music start-ups.


(Thanks, Michael!)