Punks in the Masons

Last week, the Boston Globe talked to some local punk musicians who have taken to hanging out in local Masonic lodges. I know quite a few old punks in California who have joined the brotherhood too. Want to be one? Ask one. From the Boston Globe:

"It's kind of like a history class that no one else can take," said Dave Norton, drummer for Victory at Sea and The Men. He believes his membership in the fraternal organization will be especially rewarding when he tours Europe later this year.

"I can go anywhere in the world and find a brother," he said.

Gary Robley, drummer for Dashboard Jesus and J. Geils cover band Blow Your Face Out, said he joined because his father was a Mason, as are many of his friends.

"There were a bunch of musicians I knew in it," Robley said. "It was kind of a brotherhood. Musicians have always been a part of Masonry since its inception."

Link (Thanks, Vann Hall!)