Swedes take to the street to fight domestic spying

When I was in Sweden last weekend, everyone was up in arms about the new Swedish proposal to empower the national spy agency to listen in on all phone calls and network transactions that "cross the border" (due to the way Swedish telcos manage their tariffs, this would include virtually every mobile phone call, whether or not the speakers were in Sweden at the time). The vote on this takes place tomorrow, and the Swedes are pissed. From Slashdot:

This Wednesday at 9am the Swedish Parliament is voting on a new wiretapping law which would enable the civil agency (FRA – Defense Radio Agency) to snoop on all traffic crossing the Swedish border. E-mail, fax, telephone, web, SMS, etc. 24/7 without any requirement to obtain a court order. Furthermore, by law, the sitting Government will be able to instruct the wiretapping agency on what to look for. It also nullifies anonymity for press tipsters and whistleblowers. Many agencies within Sweden have weighed in on this, with very hefty criticism, e.g. SÄPO (akin to FBI in the US), the Justice Department, ex-employees of FRA, and more. Nonetheless, the ruling party block is supposedly pressuring its members to vote 'yes' to this new proposed law with threats to unseat any dissidents. After massive activity on blogs by ordinary citizens, and street protests, the story has finally been picked up by major Swedish news sources. The result will likely be huge street protests on Wednesday. People have been completely surprised since this law has not gotten any media uptake unitl very late in the game.