Today on Boing Boing Gadgets


Today on Boing Boing Gadgets, we listened to
chiptunes from 1951, winced at a
weird Amiga, and marveled at Dale Mathis' clockworkpunk executive desk. A
vintage Flash Gordon strip shills Union Carbide products as passengers
board trains that never stop.
Mazda's new Russian concept is half SUV, half Batmobile.

Gadget of the day was
Philips's sexy, Shuffle-sized MP3 players, but an earthier ingenuity is seen in the
blacksmith who recycles anything. Cleverness abounds: the PGP code book, distributed to route around export restrictions, is on on eBay; one may buy fake branded pens designed to upset freeloading pen-borrowers; and Pittsburgh boffins have invented a program that accurately geotags images based on subtle similarities to stuff already in Flickr.

John regaled us with
the history of Japanese vending machines, and debunks the urban myth that is doubtless on your mind. Rob wrote about unchecked malware on a government computer that resulted in bogus child porn charges, and Joel infiltrated Apple and listened to The Trons, a homebrew automata band.

Not done? Try God's own suppository, one of
14 3D printers, and
a Convenient Lie.