Dian Fossey's first National Geographic article on gorillas (1970)

Marilyn sez, "Dian Fossey's first National Geographic article (1970) has been republished on Nat Geo's website, along with some lovely photos of Fossey frolicking with some of the gorillas in happier times."

Now I pry off the top boards of the playpen and stand back. Two little hands appear from the inside of the box to grip the edges, and slowly the baby pulls himself up. His large brown eyes gaze about the room that is to be his home for the next 68 days. They blink at the sight of familiar mountain vegetation left behind so unwillingly when he was captured almost a month previously.

Then the small black bundle leaps into a pile of nesting material. Hands beat upon the foliage in excitement. But enough of that, there’s a tree to climb! Up he goes, hand over hand, until he reaches the ceiling–certainly an unusual way for a tree to end!

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(Thanks, Marilyn!)