Bank of America enrolls you in "Credit Protection Plus" without your permission

Brian says:


I called Bank of America to request a credit line increase. They asked me to enroll in the Credit Protection Plus program and I declined. But today they sent me this letter congratulating me on enrolling and explaining the program fees.

A few bloggers (myself included) are quite unhappy with Bank of America. What happens is this:

1. We call their 800 number for a routine transaction

2. They offer us enrollment in one of those shady "credit protection plus" programs

3. *we decline*

4. Two weeks later, we get a letter thanking us for enrolling, and telling us what the charges are

I've also setup a Credit Protection Plus Fraud PBwiki to help organize ourselves in the fight against them. Please add your story if you've been victimized by Bank of America.

Bank of America: enrolls you in "Credit Protection Plus" without your permission (dustball@Mindsay)

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