Free fiction from Walter Jon Williams

John sez,

To celebrate the release of Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams, Night Shade Books has posted a self-contained excerpt from the book to their website and posted the complete text of Williams's Nebula Award-winning novella "The Green Leopard Plague." They've also got a short interview with him here.

Author S.M. Stirling sums up the book nicely: "Implied Spaces pioneers a new genre of SF–the 'Sword & Singularity' novel. Williams combines fantasy tropes believably with nanotech, bleeding-edge infotech speculation, classic smashing-planets space opera and intriguingly human, or possibly post-human characters along with a fast-moving plot and a quirky sense of humor in a mélange that's cosmological, theological, ontological, comic, and thoroughly entertaining."


(Thanks, John!)