Fair Copyright for Canada materials to bring to the Calgary Stampede this Saturday

The Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook group is planning a major event for Industry Minister Jim Prentice's appearance at the Calgary Stampede. Prentice is the man responsible for the Canadian DMCA, a bill produced without any consultation that will criminalise Canadians for unlocking their phones and media, even if they do so for entirely legal reasons. Organiser Kempton Lam sez,

We have created a few slogans and info sheets. And may be people attending them can print out a slogan (or make a t-shirt) of one they are most passionate about. The slogans PDF files can be found under their respective directories here.

With much help from Michael Geist, I have created a concise info sheet so when people ask us questions or talk to us, we can hand these sheets out. The PDF file is called Fair Copyright info sheets.pdf.

Link, Non-Facebook Link

(Thanks, Kempton!)

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