US Air Guitar: San Francisco Regional Championship 2008


BB pal Jess Hemerly attended the US Air Guitar: San Francisco Regional Championship a few weeks ago. As she astutely points out, it's quite a testament to the, er, premise that a show where the performers pretend to play invisible musical instruments sold out a mid-size rock venue. Over at SF Jukebox, Jess posted about the pandemonium. Her piece is accompanied by Jonathan Koshi's terrific photos. Seen above, winner Shred Begley, Jr. From the post:

For those unfamiliar with the magic and mystery of air guitar, it is an annual collection of freaks, wannabes, amateur comedians, and rock lovers who "play" air guitar on stage. Sometimes a contestant seems to be completely disconnected from both his body and the music. Other times, a contestant is so good that it's as if a guitar will materialize in his hands any second....

The evening began with the ceremonial air-ing of "War Pigs," where master-of-air-emonies and retired contestant Bjorn Turoque invited audience members to join him on stage and play air bass and air drums as he sang (really sang, not air sang) and aired lead guitar.

US Air Guitar: San Francisco Regional Championships (SF Jukebox)

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