Goldfish with pierced lip

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In the new issue of Bizarre, BB pal Shannon Larratt, formerly of, interviewed a professional body piercer named William who gave his goldfish a lip ring. From the article:

"Goldfish have a 30-second memory. And how many live fish are there out there with hooks stuck in them? At least this one had jewellery!" says William. "The fish seemed unaffected. He ate normally, and the piercing didn't weigh him down or affect his ballast."

William used a 5mm labret with a light acrylic end and did the piercing freehand while his apprentice held the fish, which was taken out of the water, then put back straight after. Although the fish is now dead (not because of the piercing – he died when William moved and the tank's temperature increased), customers loved it. "A few hippies gave me flack," says William, "but once the lure argument was brought up, they agreed it wasn't any worse."

Pierced fish (Bizarre)