Art of Jeffrey T. Larson


Here's a nice appreciation for the work of Minnesota artist Jeffrey T. Larson. His work reminds me of my favorite painter, John Singer Sargent.

My favorites of Larson's paintings, though, are his landscapes (bearing in mind that most of his figurative paintings are also landscapes in effect). These force me to resort to those overused terms "fresh" and "immediate" because nothing else sums them up quite as succinctly.

His landscapes evoke the dappled sunlight on an intimate creek or the cool haze of a winter sky with beautifully efficient brush strokes and a subtle handling of color variation. He's chosen a position on the spectrum of tight to loose rendering that I find particularly appealing.

Something I found of special interest in Larson's work is they way he constructs the image with the direction and shape of his brushstrokes. He isn't just dabbing color in, filling in shapes with slapdash blots of paint, he's drawing with his brushstrokes, defining the shapes of objects in same way lines and textures applied in a drawing can follow and define the form. (This is a characteristic I particularly associate with painters like Sargent or Cecilia Beaux.)

Art of Jeffrey T. Larson (Lines and Colors)