Man has blood alcohol level of 0.491

Stanley Kobierwoski, 34, Providence, Rhode Island, was arraigned Tuesday on charge of DUI and resisting arrest. His blood alcohol level was 0.491, a likely record in the state for a living human. From the Associated Press:

Kobierowski... was arrested after he drove into a highway message board on Interstate 95 in Providence, (police Maj. Steven) O'Donnell said.

After police arrived, Kobierowski had trouble getting out of the car, then grabbed it and refused to move, forcing troopers to carry him to the breakdown lane before taking him back to their barracks, O'Donnell said...

The legal limit in Rhode Island is 0.08. A level of 0.30 is classified as stupor, 0.4 is comatose and 0.5 is considered fatal, according to the health department.

R.I. police say man had 0.491 blood alcohol level (SF Gate, thanks Jennifer Lum!)

UPDATE: BB pal Jess Hemerly points us to the 2005 story of a Bulgarian man who had a confirmed blood alcohol level of 0.914.