British ISPs sign up for surveillance and throttling of accused file-sharers

Jen sez, "This is a link to a Times Online article describing an ISP surveillance and throttling scheme announced by the UK government today. It's unclear what proof is required before you're 'blacklisted.' Seems to be what the UK decided to do instead of 'three strikes, you're out.'"

Parents whose children download music and films illegally will be blacklisted and have their internet access curbed under government reforms to fight online piracy.

Households that ignore warnings will be subjected to online surveillance and their internet speeds will be reduced, making it very difficult for them to download large files.

The measures, the first of their kind in the world, will be announced today by Baroness Vadera, who brokered the deal between internet service providers and Ofcom, the telecoms body.


(Thanks, Jen!)

Update: Danny sez, "ORG has links to the consultation, the memorandum of understanding the ISPs have signed, and how to get involved."