New York Yankees ban sunblock "to fight terrorism" — sell replacements at $5/oz

The NY Yankees banned sunblock at Yankee stadium "to prevent terrorism." On a blistering hot day. And sold high-markup, crappy sunblock inside the gates. You know, as soon as we said "There is no price too high to pay in the war on terror," we lost — and every sleazy con-artist, profiteer, greedhead and crook won.

Security guards collected garbage bags full of sunblock at the entrances to Yankee Stadium over the sweltering weekend, when temps hit 96 degrees and the UV index reached a skin-scorching 9 out of 10 – a move team officials said was to protect the Stadium from terrorism…

"I was really pissed because, since I am Irish and I have a bald head, I need my sunblock," said Sean Gavin, 40, who had to toss his SPF 30 at the gate Saturday.

"After they saw me dousing myself with it, it should have been obvious to them that it was sunblock and not some explosive."

The team contends that sunscreen has long been on the list of stadium contraband, but there is no mention of it on the Yankee Web site.

Four weeks ago, Stadium officials decided that sunscreen of all sizes and varieties would not be permitted, a security supervisor told The Post before last night's game…

The Stadium does sell 1-ounce bottles of Arizona Sun SPF 15 for $5 – a huge markup that makes its beer seem cheap.


(Thanks, Jason!)