Book: Night Visions: The Art of Urban Exploration


Todd Lappin says:

Photographer Troy Paiva has a new book out, and it's chock full of superb nighttime photos taken at abandoned military bases, aircraft boneyards, auto junkyards, and other wonderfully desolate places. Troy's book is called Night Visions: The Art of Urban Exploration, and it makes heavy use of his favorite photo technique: Iong-exposure nighttime shots that uses only natural moonlight and simple flashlights to capture ruined night scenes in spooky detail.

The pictures in Night Visions look great, and this Friday, August 1, Chronicle Books is throwing a party to celebrate the its release in San Francisco at the 111 Minna Gallery from 7 to 9 pm.

Here's a gallery of images from the book. Here's what I posted about it on Telstar Logistics.

Night Visions: The Art of Urban Exploration