Dave McKean's Keanoshow, surreal gorgeous short videos on DVD

Science fiction illustrator Dave McKean's new DVD, Keanoshow, is everything you'd want from a DVD of short films made by the best and weirdest illustrator working in the field today. McKean may just be my favorite genre artist (certainly the cover he did for my novel Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town is my all-time favorite in a field full of strong contenders), and the short films here really bring McKean's distinctive aesthetic to life through a series of lucious non-verbal sequences acted out by masked characters and backed by Django Reinhardt jazz. Imagine Mirrormask with the drama removed, leaving nothing behind but pure, awesome weirdness. I can't find any video clips on the web, but if you find some, put 'em in the comments below, 'kay?

Dave Mckean's Keanoshow, The Art of Dave McKean