BBtv: Russell Porter with human beatbox Beardyman (music)

Boing Boing tv's UK-based music correspondent Russell Porter interviews — and coaxes an epic street performance from — Beardyman, the human beatbox from Brighton. He is a totally unassuming normal-looking guy who can flip a switch in his brain to make crazy perfect funky human beatbox sounds come out of his mouth. The ladies dig it, as you'll see around 08:13, when he lets loose on the mic with a flock of blonde birds surrounding him.

Link to Boing Boing tv blog post with discussion thread, downloadable video, and podcast subscription instructions.

I blogged about Beardyman in 2007 when this crazy cooking video hit the 'tubes.

If you're in the mood for still more of him doing his thing, below is a popular YouTube video in which Beardyman shows up at some stuffy academic conference, and poses as a lecturer before breaking out into beats.