Scan of Boody Rogers' comic Dudley, the Teen-Age Sensation


Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blogzine has kindly scanned a 1949 issue of a story from Boody Rogers' short live Dudley comic book. I'm still waiting for someone (Fantagraphics? Dark Horse?) to publish a fat anthology of Boody Rogers' feverishly surreal work.

Boody Rogers tried his hand at an Archie-style strip with Dudley. It lasted three issues, which shows his readers probably preferred his funny take on super-heroes with Sparky Watts, or Babe, Darling of the Hills, his bizarre version of Li'l Abner. This is story number one from Dudley #1, Nov.-Dec. 1949

Dudley, the Teen-Age Sensation


UPDATE: Fantagraphics has pulled through! A Boody Rogers book is in the works! Here's the cover.

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