Terry Pratchett fan-afghan — the Pratchgan

Kairsten sez,

A group of Terry Pratchett fans, known as the Ankh Morpork Knitter's Guild from the fiber arts site http://ravelry.com, were inspired by Mr Pratchett's Alzheimer's diagnosis to create a group afghan (known as The Pratchgan) to give to the author. The woman who collected the squares and sewed the quilt had the opportunity to give the Pratchgan to Mr Pratchett at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday. She blogged about it; the finished Pratchgan can be seen here, and there's a Flickr group containing many of the squares here.

It's a pretty special project and Mr Pratchett seemed to like the blanket.

The Pratchgan 2008 – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!

(Thanks, Kairsten!)