UK gov't loses 4 million citizens' personal info

Ah, Britain: the UK government lost four million citizens' person information last year and they're getting worse, not better. Of course, as soon as they force us all to carry biometric cards that link and log all our personal information, this problem will surely be solved? After all the answer to the difficulty of managing data is to just shovel more data in the hopper, by the shedload, and make sure that the kind of data grows ever-more sensitive and important. Right? Right?

The U.K. government has lost the personal information of up to four million citizens in one year alone… And the trend has not stopped – in the latest revelation, HM Revenue Customs, which infamously lost the details of 25 million child benefits claimants last November on two unencrypted discs, experienced 1,993 data breaches between 1 October last year and 24 June.

UK gov't loses personal data on 4M people in one year

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