Neuros OSD gets a free/open web-browser for your TV

Hackers continue to add improvements to the Neuros OSD open set-top box — now you can download a Web browser for it. Neuros leads the pack in providing a wide-open platform for your TV set, encouraging users to invent their own software and features for the device.

If you're like me, your first reaction to hearing that the web is available on your TV is "why?" The answer is quite a bit different than you might think. The answer is not that you want you want your TV to go out to the web to browse content, which is by and large not the most inspiring concept. The answer is that you want web content brought to your TV. In other words, the Web and all the interactive web 2.0 tools are tools that are well suited to bring rich content to your TV.

The Web on Your TV: Why it Makes Sense

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