Terry Talks: a university version of Ted

David Ng sez,

A couple months back, we got funded to host a university version of the TED conference (not officially affiliated by the way), and we're just getting things into gear. The website has just been launched and our byline reads:

"Imagine [your university's] most fascinating and engaging students coming together for a day, giving 'the talk of their lives,' sharing their ideas and discussing their visions for [your university] and the world. Now imagine being there, with students, alumni, faculty, administration, and members of the general public watching this unfold and partaking in the various discussions, and think of all the possibilities that this idea-share holds."

It totally copies the TED template, but over the years, I've just been so amazed at some of the actions and achievements of university students, that it seemed like a no-brainer to have a go at a student conference structured in this manner (we'll even have the "wishes")

As well, once the kinks have been fully fleshed out (which includes notes from chatting with TED attendees, and currently trying to set up meetings with TED Director of Operations, who is fortunately based in Vancouver), we plan to release all of our planning documents, open access like, so that other schools can get a leg up on the logistics should they want to do something similar.

Anyway, for now, if nothing else, check out our promo video. A humorous PSA video called "Things to avoid when speaking publicly." which was made completely from Keynote and creative commons material.


(Thanks, David!)