Bizarre anti-gay comic book from 1980s


Ethan Persoff scanned this insane homophobic comic book from 1986 called Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternative, Deathstyle.

Equipped with a style that could have played well in Mad or even Playboy, Hafer was the right-wing's Jack Davis: a man who could, and did, lampoon any chosen target of what one could tent together as "Republican Interests". Gays, Hippies, Abortion, Ted Kennedy, the National Education Association, all sorts of terrible demons. But for everything he hated, he sure seemed fixated on talking -at length- about the nasty stuff. What would a psychologist say?

We decided to jump right off with his most offensive work. But it's great reading too, obsessed with sodomy, urine, masturbation, all the x-rated ideas. But be forewarned: These comics were not intended for you. No. In the world of pitching and catching, this is something intended for the other team. Reading these pages is like jumping into a bizarro world of bent pent-up pop-culture where the wrong is right, the shirt and haircut doesn't match, and most of the food shopping is done in bulk through QVC. Full of religious radio, weekly gun rallies, dittoheads, the 700 club, casserole potlucks … There are tops and bottoms to this discussion, clearly, and this comic was intended for the humans over the homos. We can't even type the title of what we're about to present without laughing a bit. But that's what Hafer fans lovingly refer to as "the ol' dick magic". Dick Hafer really was that sort of an asshole.

Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternative, Deathstyle