Rage Against the Machine go a capella at RNC protest after cops shut down PA

When the police shut down the PA on Rage Against the Machine at an anti-RNC concert, the band took to the turf with a megaphone and performed a capella, delivering inspiring commentary between songs. This is must-see youtube — some of the most heartening protest footage I've seen in years.

Rage Against the Machine RNC – 09.02.08 (Performs Acapella in Crowd)

(Thanks, Shahryarrakeen!)

Update: Xopl adds, "Rage Against the Machine had a scheduled legal concert in the Target
Center in downtown Minneapolis tonight. Police and media where
sitting and waiting outside during the whole concert in heavy numbers
just waiting for something to happen when the show got out. The
police got what they wanted. Police pepper spraying going on right
now." Twitter 1, Twitter 2