Video footage of Sarah Palin's church

Wasilla Assembly of God Clip

Jason Pettus says,

This is reportedly video footage from the Pentecostal church Sarah Palin belongs to, clearly showing dozens of members of the congregation speaking in tongues and wandering zombie-like through the aisles, also occasionally thrashing on the floor in front of the pulpit. I've seen barely anyone online mention this video so far, or even Palin's connection in general to this church (including a pastor who preaches that God put George W. Bush into office), so thought I'd bring it to your attention.

Smashing Telly post with video. The Wasilla Assembly of God church had lots more up on their website, but they've since removed it with this statement. In one of those videos Palin describes the Iraq War as "a task from god." Here's that video, on YouTube, here's another in which it is revealed that the Alaska oil pipeline is God's Will. If you're so inclined, a quick search reveals lots more on YouTube.