PGP and others team up to renovate Bletchley Park

A group of companies, led by PGP, have ponied up a bunch of money to renovate and restore Bletchley Park, the crumbling site of the birthplace of modern cryptography. There's a lot of charm in the present, mouldering campus, but I can only imagine what a nice shot of cash could do for the place.

The fund-raising campaign will be led by cryptography provider PGP, together with IBM and other technology firms. Phil Dunkelberger, chief executive of PGP, told ZDNet UK in a video interview that the group of companies would be making donations to repair the buildings at Bletchley Park, including the National Museum of Computing, and would be calling for other organizations to get involved.
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"We're calling attention (to the fact that) Bletchley is falling into disrepair, and that, probably, the world owes a debt of gratitude to that place," Dunkelberger said.

PGP, IBM help Bletchley Park raise funds

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