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Today at Boing Boing Gadgets, we blogged the hell out of Apple's iPod-heavy "Let's Rock" show: Apple discontinued its 160GB iPod Classic, showed off a rainbow collection of fourth-generation iPod Nanos, and gave us a thinner iPod Touch with a built-in speaker.

We also sipped scotch on the literal rocks, ruled the universe with an iron fist from a leather throne, and snuggled up to glowy furry teddy bears.

Joel reviewed the Cosmovox iPhone soft-instrument; played pool against a robot with a disturbingly GladOS-like ring to it; found a Lego Boba Fett; and offered an insight into Honda's hybrid strategy.

John doesn't want an iBikeConsole (it makes listening to your iPod while biking even easier, but no more stupid), but he does want a HP Elitebook with 24 claimed hours of battery life. As ever, marketing strays somewhat ahead of reality. Consolation: Esquire's unimaginatively-used e-ink cover is genuinely hackable.

Rob spotted a portable printer from Canon; an amazing wooden robot; and wondered at China's hunger to re-import gadgets it only just exported.

What a day! Gentlemen of good breeding shall soon relax not with a Kindle, but with a Plogic. But there are other things one may relax with.

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