Tonya Harding shot JFK?

According to Robert Urbanek, scandalous ice skater Tonya Harding shot JFK. How is that possible? Because she was actually Lee Harvey Oswald in a previous life. And yes, President Kennedy has been reborn as Harding's rival Nancy Kerrigan. Hilarious parody? Frightening reality? You decide. From

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Consider the evidence of reincarnation. Both Tonya Harding and Lee Harvey Oswald have the letters "Har" in their names. Both of their victims were Irish Catholics from Massachusetts whose last names began with the letters "Ke": John F. Kennedy and Nancy Kerrigan, and both were attacked in cities beginning with the letter "D": Dallas and Detroit. Time magazine also saw a connection in the assaults on Kerrigan and Kennedy. Margaret Carlson wrote in the February 21, 1994 issue, "The videocam verite of the clubbing [of Kerrigan] provides the same gritty realism that the Zapruder footage brought to Oliver Stone's JFK."

Harding and Oswald came from poor dysfunctional families and learned to use a rifle. Both were about the same age when they became infamous: Lee at 24, Tonya at 23. And they have similar facial features. Kennedy doesn't look like Kerrigan, but Kerrigan looks a bit like Jackie Kennedy. Perhaps God's joke is that JFK, the womanizer, should return in a body resembling his own wife.

Tonya Harding Is Lee Harvey Oswald (, thanks Vann Hall!)