Mounties review Tasers, conclude that they're dangerous, misused and under-researched

Loraksus sez, "The recently released report about Taser use by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is quite interesting.

Not only did they find that RCMP did an "inadequate" review of the literature available on Tasers and had an 'overreliance' on anecdotal information., but they also tore into 'excited delirium', saying'ED should be considered 'folk knowledge" and '…should not be included in the RCMP's operational manual'

It looks like the use of Tasers in a "ensuring compliance" role is diminishing. In most of Canada at least."

"Perhaps there would have been a delay in implementation, or at least a limited deployment (e.g., to supervisors or their designates and to tactical squads)."

The review, which questions the safety of stun guns – especially when used on pregnant women, drug users or people with medical conditions – argues that there should be national standards to guide Taser use by police forces across the country. The standards could be developed with the help of the Canadian Firearms Centre and Public Safety Canada.

RCMP relied too much on Taser manufacturer info: report

(Thanks, Loraksus!)

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