Get well soon, Teresa!

Teresa Nielsen Hayden, our fantastic comment moderator, took a funny turn on Thursday night; which turned out to have been a very unfunny (but thankfully minor) heart attack. She's doing well, recovering and comfortable, if bored, while awaiting some more test results. A few of you have written to us to get updates -- Teresa's husband Patrick has a quick update on Making Light:

Meanwhile, is she okay? Sure; mostly bored. Lutheran Medical Center is a good hospital, but they’re still a hospital, all hurry-up-and-wait, vagueness about what to expect next, and long delays, particularly over a weekend. Since hospitals aren’t really a great place to leave valuables unattended, houseguest Elise Matthesen and I have been bringing her computer to her every morning and taking it home at night. She does have a net connection, but don’t count on her for instant responses to inquiries; for the moment, anything urgent should probably be bounced to me.

Get well soon, Teresa -- we couldn't do this without you!

Either a heart attack, or a Greek of the same name

Update: On the one hand, they're saying the stress test was positive. On the other hand, they're letting me out of here! Yaaaaay! Home! (Also, no more having to follow comment threads on my BlackBerry.)

Thank you all for your great kindness. (tnh)