Houston food banks need your help

Cherie Priest sez,

In short, Houston is in major trouble. Via CNN — "The Houston Food Bank is "utterly overwhelmed with people asking for help," its president, Brian Greene, said Tuesday. The food bank needs 500,000 pounds of food a day for the next six weeks to satisfy the "staggering" needs of Texans who have no food or water after the storm, he said. … Greene said the food bank normally distributes aid through local charities, churches and other faith-based organizations. But many were wiped out by the storm or are unable to function because of the lack of electricity or phone service."

The Houston Food Bank — and the assisting Capital Food Bank in Austin — are all but bankrupt, and the situation is becoming desperate.

I've already had Austin-area responders commenting on the LJ post, reaffirming the need for help; and I have links to relevant food banks, the SPCA, and the Red Cross handy.

Food banks

(Thanks, Cherie!)