Ontario bus-companies trying to shut down competition from ride-sharing groups

Jason sez, "Government subsidized private bus companies in Ontario are feeling threatened by ride-sharing services like Ridester.com and PickupPal.com, so they're getting the government to shut them down under some strange loophole. The former Environment Canada minister is asking for people to protest the current Ontario administration's idiocy to save PickupPal, the last remaining ride-sharing website.

Ride-sharing websites match people who need a ride with drivers who have extra space. While some companies focus on daily commutes and errands, Pickuppal works on getting people to special events like concerts and sports games."

Bus companies enjoy a variety of subsidies in Ontario, including unencumbered access to HOV lanes…in a statement supporting the building of the HOV lanes and their use, the Ontario Government states: "Sharing a ride – as a driver or a passenger – may be easier than you think!"[2] The Ontario Government seems to be oblivious to its Public Vehicles Act, as administered by the Government's own OHTB, which could significantly undermine the viability of ridesharing in Ontario."

Save Eco-Friendly PickupPal in Ontario

(Thanks, Jason!)