Young adult authors for Obama

Lauren McLaughlin sez, "Young Adult author Maureen Johnson launches new Obama social networking website. Many YA authors will be blogging there, including Judy Blume, Scott Westerfeld, Meg Cabot, Holly Black and many more. From the mission statement:"

YA for Obama is a community of YA writers and readers and friends who have joined together because of our commitment to Future United States President Barack Obama…This is a social networking site, which means that when you join (it's free! easy! takes about a minute!) you can do LOADS of stuff around here. You can make your own page, contribute to the forum, upload your own photos and videos, and make friends who love Obama as much as you do.

I wouldn't say I loved Obama (his vote to allow the continued illegal wiretapping of the entire nation destroyed any chance of that), but I do support him. If I got a vote (I'm Canadian), that's who I'd vote for.

YA for Obama

(Thanks, Lauren!)