New issue of Faesthetic: UFOs!



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Dustin "UPSO" Hostetler has just published the latest edition of Faesthetic, his mindbending art magazine. You don't pore over Faesthetic as much as pour yourself into it. Featuring more than 25 artists' work, Faesthetic #9 has a special place in my heart because the theme is UFOs. The opening spread is an essay titled "Liminal Vehicles And Trickster Technologies: On The UFO" written by Strange Attractor Journal's Mark Pilkington and designed by Jemma "Prate" Hostetler, who was behind BB's redesign last year. UPSO kindly shared a few pages from Faesthetic #9 with us. Spreads by Adam White (top) and ARBITO. At left, cover art by MARS-1. Click images to see them larger. Available from, FAESTHETIC #9 is $10 and contains no ads.
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