Company will apply green spraypaint to dead brown lawns of foreclosed homes

This story came out in February, but I just heard about it on the news today. A company in the depressed town of Stockton, California (which looked to me like it was about to collapse when I was there ten years ago; I imagine it's much worse now) is keeping busy painting the dead lawns of foreclosed homes with green paint so banks can tart them up for auction.

Nick Terlouw has launched the Greener Grass Co., which amounts to a service in which he sprays dead lawns with a deep green, water-based dye that makes the turf look good enough for a golf course or a professional football stadium.

For between $175 and $225 per yard, Terlouw uses a motor-powered 50-gallon insecticide sprayer designed for treating orchard trees. He waves his magic wand and in broad sweeps, a la painting a house, makes tired, if not expired, turf sit up and sparkle like Shirley Temple.

Upscale curb appeal goes green