Extrasensory prosthetic devices

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Jake Dunagan, my Institute for the Future colleague, pointed me to the "extrasensory" work of designer/researcher Susanna Hertrich. Part of Hertrich's PhD research at the Royal College of Art involved the prototyping of "Fear Tuners," prostheses that translate stressful data into tactile sensations that "simulate the autonomous nervous system." The concept reminds me of the tactile messaging vest devised by MIT researchers. From Hertrich's project page:

Fear Tuners are worn on the body. They use the skin as interface to stimulate the autonomous nervous system. Fear tuners can be subscribed to a specific fear scenario…

These experiments are aimed to explore whether our natural inability to assess deferred dangers could be replaced by devices. The objects are a set of prostheses for instincts that we have not yet been developed.

Fear Tuners