Rule 34 Showdown IRC Event on #boingboing


Update: Game's Over! Look for a transcript tomorrow! But we're all still chatting, so why not come in and say hi anyway?

It's been quite a while since we held our last IRC event, but with the solstice drawing the summer days to a wane, it's time once again to dust off the #boingboing IRC channel and spend a few hours in a rousing community game of an old favorite, Rule 34 Showdown.

Rule 34, as all men know, is the cosmic rule that demands that porn can be found on the Internet to fit any concept. The rules are simple: numerous times over the course of one hour, I will shout out a random Rule 34 Challenge.

"RULE 34: Obama French Kissing Joe Biden!" I might cry. The denizens of #boingboing will go scrambling to find a link that illicitly matches the challenge. The first three people to come up with separate links and images for the same concept will be awarded first, second and third place points of decreasing denominations. At the end of the hour, the person with the most points will be declared the official RULE 34 PORNOGRAPHER OF #BOING BOING! At least for the week. And to make it all timeless fun, we'll knock up all the links we accrue in the official transcript of the event, with the best images highlighted for fun.

This week's game will be held tonight at 4PM EDT / 1PM PDT / 9PM GMT. To play, simply come to the official #boingboing IRC channel on Freenode about 15 minutes before the game and /msg Brownlee that you'd like to play. Don't want to play? Come on by and watch.

If you've never used IRC before, you can find instructions on how to get to the channel here, or simply use the Java chat applet.

To discuss or ask questions, head on to the discussion thread over at Boing Boing Gadgets.


Update: Sorry! Huge time mess up in the title. It's at 4PM EDT. See you then!