Ken Hollings: Welcome To Mars radio series

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Several weeks ago, I posted about a fantastic radio documentary on the RAND Corporation by my friend Ken Hollings, a UK journalist and chronicler of outré culture. Two years ago, Ken presented a radio series called Welcome To Mars, his reflections on the "fantasy of science in the early years of the American Century." In this unscripted, engaging, and mind-bending series Ken connects the dots between nuclear war, LSD, flying saucers, the occult, weird science, B movies, and the birth of the space age. Ken's words are supported by an incredible outer space score prdocued by Simon James. I can't recommend it highly enough. Hollings' book based on the radio series, Welcome To Mars: Fantasies of Science In The American Century 1947-1959, will be published in the UK later this month by Strange Attractor Press.
Welcome To Mars podcast

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