Guestblogger: Richard Metzger


(Tara McGinley, Richard Metzger September 2008. Photo: Coop)

Meet our next guestblogger, Richard Metzger. Shortly after I met Richard in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, he launched an amazing web directory of unusual information called He later went on to produce a television show, a conference, and a book and DVD publishing company under the Disinformation brand.

Richard is one of the smartest people I know, and has introduced me to so many obscure but mind-blowing books, movies, and musicians I don't know where to start.

He's also directed videos for different bands, including Ann Magnuson's Bongwater.

We're thrilled to have him guestblogging on Boing Boing for the next two weeks. Please give a warm welcome to Richard!

Greetings Boing Boing readers, it's an honor to be your guest blogger for the next few weeks and it will be fun to share my latest pop culture enthusiasms with everyone!

Since leaving The Disinformation Company Ltd., I moved back to Los Angeles and co-wrote a graphic novel about homicidal mail men. (Stay away from mail men, they are very, very bad people). I am currently working to launch "Dangerous Minds," a new multi-platform talk show. We shot a pilot recently with Jackass ringleader Johnny Knoxville at Coop's studio. I'll have a proper posting about the project here later in the week.

Richard Metzger