Historic Halloween Steampunk Airship Ride With Victorian Rockers Abney Park

Okay, all of you people who love to hate on steampunk, STFU. Because this is awesome, and I'd love to go myself. The band Abney Park, who you may have seen at Bay Area Maker Faire earlier this year with their wild musical instruments, is teaming up with Airship Ventures to make history:

On October 31st, Airship Ventures will return airship travel to the people — with the first commercial airship flight in the U.S .in over 70 years, aboard the largest Zeppelin in the world! And you can come along on this flight into history with Abney Park! Hell, if you want us too, we can even play you a few songs on the flight!

(…) The Flight will be in the Bay Area,and the opening day of the California Steampunk Convention.

No mean jokes about the steampunk convention. Focus with me here. These things are so cool.

Also, the Airship Ventures pilot who will steer this baby is the world's first and only female Zeppelin pilot — she just got her visa in Munich, I'm told, and is headed to the Bay Area for these flights. How cool is that?

Tickets on the inaugural flight are $785. More info on signing up here, and press release from Airship Ventures here.

Below, a video from Airship Ventures (more here and more photos here):

"A Zeppelin NT flies into Friedrichshafen airport, landing after a turn into the wind. The pilot holds the airship down by its engines. The small ground crew take the steps to help the passengers alight. "

(Thanks, Robert and Brian)