Kids need to agree to 120+ pages of EULAs in order to watch BluRay Sleeping Beauty

Over on Boing Boing Gadgets, our John notes that watching Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray requires that you accede to over 120 pages of legal garbage in various EULAs before you can start the movie.

Disney has a sickness when it comes to abusive EULAs and contracts. I once had to cancel a speech at Imagineering because the legal department wanted me to sign something saying that I'd never use the word "Disney" in print again without permission. The Laugh Factory attraction at Disney World's Tomorrowland had a ridiculous EULA on a sign (you agreed to the terms by passing under the sign) (!) in which you promised that any jokes you suggested were your own and that you would indemnify Disney from any copyright suits arising from the telling of the jokes (the sign was not a joke). As though eight year olds can form contracts (they can't), by standing under signs (they can't), and as though most jokes people tell are original (they aren't).

People worry that Disney trains their kids to grow up to be princesses and whatnot, but that's nothing next to the risk that watching Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray will lead your kids to believe that it's normal to have to agree to hundreds of pages of garbage every time you want to experience culture. Imagine how awful their dinner-parties will be!

Sleeping Beauty Blu-Ray requires viewers to agree to 57 page EULA

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