Fan-readings from my essay collection "Content"

Mathematician/physicist Jan Rubak has done me the honour of recording readings of six of the essays from my nonfiction collection, Content and uploading them to the Internet Archive. He's a great reader, too!

– In Praise of Fanfic
– Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia
– Amish for QWERTY
– Free(konomic) Ebooks
– The Progressive Apocalypse and Other Futurismic Delights
– When the Singularity is More Than a Literary Device: An Interview with Futurist-Inventor Ray Kurzweil

All 28 essays are available as free downloads (and there have been a ton of conversions to everything from Braille to OpenDoc) and, of course, there's a beautiful physical object for sale, too.

Content readings

(Thanks, Jan!)