New Democrat New Danger

Boing Boing Gadgets colleague and Vice President of Photoshoppery Rob Beschizza says,

Brits older than maybe 20 or so will doubtless remember the general election of 1997, which saw Tony Blair – then a young center-left liberal running on a platform of change – defeat incumbent conservatives with a tarnished reputation.

The parallels with 2008's presidential race go beyond just a similar placement of pieces on the board, though: by the end, Blair's opponents were reduced to running personal attacks on Blair that make the McCain-Palin's recent larks looks like a vicar's tea party. They were incredibly bizarre.

Check out these campaign posters (above). They actually ran these on billboards, in newspapers and other media!

I was feeling a little sorry for the Republicans, given the thrashing they're about to be dealt. Perhaps this sort of thing will work a little better on this side of the Atlantic? (below).