Yes We Can remix: Lee Dorsey's funk classic meets Obama speech

BB pal Tim Walker from The Ministry of Unkown Science and the Grilled Cheese Invitational shares a cool election-themed music remix with us:

One of our brethern of the MOUS, Tano Sokolow, did an amazing remix/mash-up of Barack Obama's Yes We Can with Lee Dorsey's Yes We Can Can song. It's totally fucking amazing and brings tears to my jaded eyes! Listen for yourself and see!

Direct MP3 Link, web page with the music all up in it.

Tano Sokolow, who brewed up the remix, says:

Start your election night victory party off right with this track I put together. The original artist is Lee Dorsey, and I encourage you to go buy his music, it's wonderful stuff. The track Yes We Can was written by Allen Toussaint.