The US Presidential Election: Open Thread

Yes, We Can. And Yes We Did. What an amazing and historic night. Never have I witnessed so many people, all over the country, expressing such hope, optimism, and pride all at the same moment. If this mood tonight in America is a sign of what's to come, the future might — in spite of everything — be better than the last eight years.

What an incredible night to be an American. As I type this in a hotel in San Francisco, I can still hear people screaming and honking car horns out in the streets. I just left a diner with friends, and periodically the joint erupted in spontaneous cheering. Never in my life have I seen anything like this.

Above, flag photo by Siege. Tweeted Warren Ellis: "And that's it. Nice work, America. You got your country back."

Lessig to the FCC. Schneier to Homeland Security. Let the fantasy football cabinet appointment riffing begin.

Here's an open thread. Please discuss.

In related news, Ape Lad says the "H in sunrays" will no longer appear in the Laugh Out Loud Cats.